Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hi Guys

Hi. I'm May.... May Cruz... Lenna didn't probably tell you that new comers were gonna start blogging, but now you know. (I don't know why I should just get a facebook account... I think it'd be cooler. But now, with all those freaks out there... yeah) Anyway, I moved in from Santa Barbara, CA at the end of January. It was on the twenty ninth I flew in to New York. To tell you the truth, I f***ing love it here! I miss all the glorious sun and heat, but I can deal with snow. Um, I actually flew in cause I got accepted at a dance academy... For ballet.... I'd like to do something other than ballet. But, I'll see if I'll change my mind. My parents are back in Cali, and my sibling, (my amazing brother) is at MIT up in Boston... I gotta skyline apartment in NY. (thank you mother and father) and I got great friends: Lenna, Samantha (We haven't told you about her yet), Sky (Kinda)........ Jeremy.... Not to mention my dream guy Jason.... Jason Raskolnicov. Jason plays the guitar. Both classical and electric. To be honest, he's soo talented at it... AND he has the most AMAZING green eyes I have ever seen. He's Russian for your information. We haven't been going out as much as you'd like to suspect, but he's really fun and cute to hang out with. Not to mention the 2 pack abs.. Now that's something to brag about. He doesn't take steriods just to let you all know... Well, I gotta go guys. Jason's waiting for me to got out tonight. I'll be posting some other time.

In love deeply,
- May Cruz -


Lenna and Sky's People said...

HA! A 2 pack? He's nothin' compared to Drew! Not that I notice, or look . . .


- Lenna

Lenna and Sky's People said...

Hey, I'm totally fine with a 2 pack. It's atleast sexy enough for me! We did not have sex for your information. He... just decided to take off his shirt at one point.... In my apartment... (and that's about it for now)
(I'm doing this while we're on our date)


Seth said...

hahaha. i'm more buff than jason.