Friday, May 8, 2009

The sad things

Yo. It's Lennicia Darmona.

Well, good news, I got a scholarship to the dance school that May's in. The original person who got the scholarship was evidently not appropriate for the school. They got into a lot of trouble and caused chaos pretty much everywhere he went. I was second in line from the audition.

The bad news is that my mom is starting to be a mother again. That probably sounds bad for me to say, but when you know someone as one thing for your whole life, then they completely change, it's hard to deal with. My father left right after I was sent to the hospital, and my mom got all depressed. I mean, I love and hate my mom all at the same time, but she's being a mom for the wrong reasons. She's using it as a way to distract herself from the fact that she's stuck in a life she doesn't want to be in. She yelled at me for taking care of Jeremy the other day, claiming it was 'her job' and I was being selfish. I'VE BEEN TAKING CARE OF JEREMY SINCE EVER!!! How dare she? She can't just walk into our lives after all these years and pretend that she automatically gets the right!!!

I'm not crazy am I? I mean other people would think the same thing right?



Araken said...

I know exactly what you mean.

May said...

I'm not gonna ask "how's life?" cause it seems as though it is suckish... Congrats with the scholarship... (Again...)