Friday, March 6, 2009


Yo. It's Lenna.

I'm recovered enough to function, thank god! I got Drew to stop being such a bodyguard, sorta, and start being my boyfriend. Sorry, that word just doesn't fit him well. He's still paranoid about me 24/7, but hey, it's his nature to be protective. I swear, he litterally growls at any guy that takes interest in me. We were walking around Broadway today, and this group of guys came past and looked at me, and Drew over reacted. If you saw the glare he was giving them, you'd know the definition to the expression, 'If looks could kill-'.

Jeremy and I are moving in with May. You see, my dad evidently decided to just get up and leave my mom. Not that anything about her attitude has changed by it, but I just don't want to be there when she decides to snap. I already called Sky. She agrees with the whole deal. She's in California. Sky has been roaming slowly on the road to recovery. When she went out there, she found her ACTUAL aunt. I'm happy for her, but I'm worried that she'll like that family so much better that she won't come back to New York. Yeah . . .


- Lenna Darmona


*sigh* Okay people that's gonna move in, don't do anything stupid at my place.. Use common sense. AND TRY TO KEEP IT CLEAN! That includes the little boy... Abide by these rules...

1. Don't take stuff out my house without my permission.
2. If you make a mess you clean it up.
3. If you bring over other friends (You gotta tell me) and they piss me off then all ya'll gotta go.
4. No smoking in the house and drugs.
5.No overnight friends without my permission or I WILL KICK ALL OF YOU GUYS OUT.
6. Don't blow anything up without my knowledge me.
7. Curfew isn't established yet, but I'll get to that.
8. Try not to leave the place when everyone is sleeping. The alarm will trigger.
9. Don't eat like a pig!
10. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT GO THROUGH MY PERSONAL BELONGINGS(This includes my room, my mail, and so on and so forth)



hi this is jeremy and lenna just got out of the hosptial and i'm really happy because she's gonna be okay and she can still make me chocolate milk when she gets better so because i was happy i ran around the house in my Nemo underwear until i got tired and so then Lenna called and told me that we're going to move in with her friend May and then i went and found Soggy Pup and told him we were moving to a new place and that we should be happy and then we went on the computer and i played three games of solitare and won all three and then Soggy Pup fell off the chair and i got so upset that i fell over too and then i went to go find the baby sitter so she could put a band aid on him