Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yo guys. It's Lenna, no duh.

Sorry 'bout the whole not-posting-thing. I was in California visiting Sky and her aunt. They're both good. AND SKY IS COMING HOME!!!! H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS YEAH!!! I think Drew's not happy about it though. He liked being the only teenager in my life. Poor thing. She's bringing her aunt with her. they're going to live with us when I get out of May's and move back in with mom.

Oh, yeah. My mom is getting better. She's been going to parenting classes and therapy, and has apologized for everything. Father's day pasted and she didn't shed a single tear about dad. She even got a better job that pays, like, three times her old salary. She came to California with us to see Sky too, so everything's good with that. She's oficially our mom again (including Sky). We have to get a bigger house to fit Sky and her aunt, but with mom's new job. I have to keep my job until we're back on our feet, but mom said that was only temporary. She's really stepping up. Jeremy's the happiest of all though.

Sky's aunt is like 50-something, and AWESOME! She's the most awesome old lady I've ever met. No wonder Sky didn't want to leave. She's like the not-related-awesome-aunt-who's-actually-your-parents'-friend person in the family. We also found out about Sky's mom and dad a little. I'm not going to tell you what we found because it's not my information to tell. Maybe Sky will.

Awesomely awesome,

; P