Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26th

Yo it's Lenna.

I know I'm posting this on Wednesday, but I couldn't get to the library computer due to certain difficulties.

So anyway, on Monday, one of the senior football jocks in our school got admitted into the hospital for overdosing on steroids and PCP. You see, that's what happens when you get to caught up on being in the 'in crowd'. He was gone all of yesterday and today, and I have not the slightest of ideas to when he will be out. The drugs took a harsh affect on his body. The rumor is that he's gonna do time in jail and rehab. How much of that is true? No idea.

All of the 2nd graders in Jeremy's school are putting on a concert for the families. It's no Lil' Wayne type thing or anything, but it's important to Jeremy, so Sky and I are going. I tried to make my parents go, but evidently they have better things *cough cough-clubbing* to do that night. I don't think Jeremy minds very much, but they should still go. I mean, what kind of parents ditch their kids to go clubbing at some cheap place in the city. All they do is drink too much and get into trouble. My parents could care less about the three of us. To her, getting preggo and having a kids was the worst thing that ever happened. We take care of ourselves and Jeremy. We use our parents money for most things, but they never do anything to help. Sky and I do all the parent work. We schedule the appointments. We get him to school. We make sure he's fed and safe in his bed at night. And when it comes to shopping, we do it all. We use money from our parents to buy food, but their salary won't pay for clothes. Sky and I work multiple jobs to pay for it all. And with the rate that Jeremy is growing, I might have to take another shift or two. I'm not complaning though. If we didn't do that stuff he would be taken away from us, and I couldn't imagine life without him. I love him to death.

Live above the pressure,

-Lennicia (Lenna) Darmona