Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bullies and newcomers

Yo. It's Lenna.

A little girl named, Malory, has evidently stolen the heart of my dear seven year old brother (note the dramatic voice). She is a cute kid, but she is being really mean to Jere. She and her friend Cameron were harassing him because he told her he liked her. No, actually this is what he told me exactly, "Lenna, what's a naz*? Because Malory's mommy told me I was one when I asked her if I could marry Malory." I bet the look on my face was priceless. IT IS NOT EVEN THAT TIME PERIOD ANYMORE!!! So many bad words went through my head in that second, all directed towards her mom. I will not stand here and LET that b**** call MY baby brother names like that without actually making sure he was first. I AM LIVID!!! Drew and I went downtown this afternoon when I left Jere with Sky. He told me that my face was going to stay that red if I stayed angry. Ooh when I next see her . . .

Oh yeah, Drew. He is still acting really weird around me. Today he was staring at this couple making out, and had an unreadable expression freakin' plastered to his face. IT IS SO ANNOYING WHEN HE DOESN'T TELL ME WHAT IS GOING THROUGH HIS HEAD!!! I am his best friend, and he should be able to tell me everything. Why isn't he? *gasp* Maybe he's found a girlfriend that he isn't telling me about. Ooh when I find out . . .


Anyway, like a month ago I tried out for the scholarship program at one of the professional dance schools near here. I didn't make it, but I did meet a very interesting person. She's about my age, and she is in the school's top dance class. We've been talking a lot more lately and have found that we have become very good friends. So, let me see, my social group has grown from just Drew and me to Drew, my new dance friend, and me. I'm not going to tell you her name yet because she wants to introduce herself. I gave her the user and pass, so now she will be posting as well.

And did I mention that after my parents fought, my dad left and hasn't been home since? No? Well now you know. I don't really care though, they stopped caring about us YEARS ago.

And that druggy jock I mention in one of my earlier posts is in rehab right now. Sucks for him.


Lenna D.

= P


Lenna and Sky's People said...

are you and drew gonna get married??


Lenna and Sky's People said...

'cause i want a daddy and i really like drew and i want him to be my daddy because you and him get along really, really well and you don't fight like mommy and dad did.

Lenna and Sky's People said...

Um, that's a very akward question, sweetie. And Drew and I are just friends, okay? But he is like a dad, I guess. He helps me take care of you.

~ Lenna