Friday, February 6, 2009


hi i'm jeremy darmona. i am 7. my sister lenna told me that i needed to learn to tipe. i can't spell, but i can tipe. she set me down in front of the computer and told me that i was gonna learn to tipe. that was two weeks ago, and i did wat she told me, 'cause sometimes she bonks me on the hed litely. so does sky.
anyway, i was at the park today, and i saw this girl malory that i really like. i want to marry her, only her mom said that she didn't want her daughter to marry a yellow-haired nazi with devil eyes. i didn't know what a nazi was, so i told her that i wasn't one and i still wanted to marry malory. she said that jews dont marry nazis. i was mad so i bit her and she chased me over the park until she fell over breathing really funny and i kept running.
then i ran into mister parker's dog and he started to chase me, and then i ran up to the apartment and ran into sky. she didnt look really happy. i asked her to give me a band aid because i fell on the side walk and cut my nee. she said i wasnt bleeding so i didnt get one. then i got a cup of milk and every thing was all better.
then i sat around an thought about malory and how her mom had called me a nazi and how i didn't know what that was. i got mad and fell off my chair and spilled milk everywhere, and lenna ran in and picked me up and carried me over to the sink and she wiped my face with a rag. i told her about malory and she told me i was a moron. i don't know what a moron is, but i thought that it meant that i was smart, and i like being called smart, so i told her thank you and went to sleep on the couch with my blankie and soggy pup and sucked my thumb.