Friday, February 6, 2009


Yo, it's Lenna.

Okay so I told my closest about our blog and they wanteed to join. So now this thing is more of a me and my friends type thing. I also let Jeremy post aswell since he seems pretty interested in it, but he sucks at the whole 'grammar and spelling' thing, but he IS only in first grade, so please don't say anything about it and spare his feelings.

Anyway, Drew has been acting all weird lately and it's kind of creeping me out. We've been friends since who knows when, but I can feel something changing. (Oh yeah, Drew is going to start posting too) We have never let anyone else interfere with our close relationship, and I really hope that doesn't change. He's never really been interested in hanging out with anyone but me, but ever since he made it on the basketball team people have been noticing him more. He tells me it's anoying and he tries to ignore them, but what if he is starting to want to be friends with people other than me? I wouldn't be able to take it. It hurts just to think about it. I asked him about it the other day, and he told me he would never let anyone get inbetween us. Sky already does it enough. They CAN NOT STAND each other. And it's kinda weird to be stuck in the middle of your adopted twin sister, and your best friend who is practically your brother. I ahve known Drew longer than Sky by the way.

If it isn't the other people that are making him act differently around me, than what is the reason?

Sincerely confused,

- Lennicia Darmona


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