Monday, February 9, 2009


today lenna told me that she didnt like the name jerry. i told her that malory liked it so thats what i wanted to be called, but she still said she didnt like it. so now my name is jer wich threw me off today because i was in math and my teacher started calling me up the board but she was calling me jerry so i didnt go up and i got in trouble because i wasnt answering to my name and then malory laughed at me and that made me feel bad. then i told teacher that i was jerr now and not jerry but she kept forgetting and spelling my name wrong and i was so confused and i started crying and then cameron went up to me and punched me in the face and called me a crybaby but im not a crybaby. i started to cry harder and then malory started laughing and she was calling me a crybaby, so i just went and sat on the swings and sniffed and wiped my eyes and a nice little girl name lilly came up and sat next to me and told me that she crys a lot too. so now my new best friend is lilly and we played soccer together after school until i had to go home because sky came and grabbed my arm and started scolding me for not telling her where i was going and for dragging this little girl off to play a boy sport and how that was so sexist so i started crying again. and when i got home i went and got a glass of milk and spilled the whole gallon on the floor because i was crying so hard because cameron and malory were calling me a crybaby and that i had a new friend named lilly who i was treating sexist and how i didnt know what sexist meant. so i took off my shirt that had milk all over it and my shorts and went and sat on the couch with my knees up to my chest and practiced my times tables all the way up to one hundred and then i felt better and went and brought my milky clothes to lenna and she washed them and got me some milk and a sippy cup. then everything was all better and i was in my Nemo underwear so that made me happy and i started skipping down the halls until i tripped and fell and slapped my cheek against the floor and started crying again and rocking back and forth on the floor and practicing my maths in my head. then lenna found me and put me in the bathtub and hosed the milk off me.


leave_me_alone said...

Dang. Go tell your sisters to beat all those idiots that made you cry. If I we're you, I'd do that. And, I don't think I had to know what kind of underwear you were wearing Jerr... That's a little TMI there...


Lenna and Sky's People said...

I already spoke to Mrs. Dewly, she said that she would take care of the bullying problem.

And thank you for apologizing.


leave_me_alone said...

Uh, who is Mrs. Dewly? I am not up to date here... And, anything interesting with Sky?