Saturday, February 21, 2009


Why is all of this happening? First Sky leaves, then Lenna gets injured and Jason is a bit pissing me off. Lenna, you better get Sky back in New York. I don't give a d*mn if you slap the living h*ll out of her.. I'll help you find her if you wish... But, I don't think my services are any use to you....

As for Jason... D*mn. I haven't seen him in a while... Well, you know in the day time. At night, this guy is everywhere. Okay first he goes to some high end bar. Next night, goes to some high end restaurant... You get the point... Also, the same guys that were with him the one night, are always with him... What the f*ck! I'm still tracking down where he's going to every night. Not to mention I've order some equipment for it too...

Lenna get your butt out of the hospital right now. It seems as though we need to take care of somethings.



Lenna and Sky's People said...

I'm so into the whole helping-you-with-this-stuff thing . . . but I'm a bit crippled at the momment. I'll let you know when I'm not.

Oh, and I think it is for the best that Sky got away for a few days/weeks/months. I don't know how long.

- Lenna

Lenna and Sky's People said...

Actually, I'll be able to help in like a week. That's when my collar bone and wrist heals.

- Lenna